Music Video Production in San Antonio Texas

Videos from Studio Tracks

Videos based on studio tracks are different than those based on live performances, because many of the variables of the live performance — sound capture, audience interference, restrictive lighting — are removed.

However, they are more complex than live performance videos because with live performance videos we just sync up the video and audio, make some cuts if we’ve used multiple cameras, and, boom, we have a video.

With a video based on a studio track, we need to come up with a concept, write a script, get actors together, find a place or multiple places to shoot, get the lighting right, do multiple takes. Often there will be some lip syncing to the track, and that takes rehearsal.

All those logistics factors sometimes prove insurmountable, and, at the least, they force us to come up with creative ways to stay on budget.

But it certainly can be done!

Most of the studio track videos I’ve worked on were pre-scripted, but one (Charlie Lucas Band) was pieced together from footage shot following the band around, and one (Jonathan Garcia) was shot in and around the studio at the time the track was being recorded.

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