Music Video Production in San Antonio Texas

Live Performance Videos

My Live Performance Videos were all shot at live shows with audio captured at the time of the taping. This is the most difficult type of video, because we are restricted by the venue, the audio engineer, the crowd, and the performance, among other things.

If you are very picky about your performance, you probably will not want to pay for this type of video. If you or your band’s performance was not perfect, you will end up picking it to death, talking about overdubs, and all that leads to extra cost.

In addition, any number of things can go wrong. The lights may not be working properly. The audio guy may put way too much vocal in the two-track mix. The lead guitar might not be captured properly, because it’s not going through the mains.

Having said all that, I’ve produced quite a few of these types of videos with mixed results, but some are really quite good.

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